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Practical bathroom bath equipment design

Sometimes it is like a cascading waterfall, and sometimes it is like the gurgling water of a mountain... This should be the comfort that the shower brings us. To have the most comfortable contact with water, a good shower is essential. How to arrange and combine the shower head, shower column, and shower panel to create the most comfortable bathing environment, let's take a look...
Returning to the traditional arc shower rod, it is very convenient to use. The 250mm copper round rain shower top sprinkler can fully feel the warmth and nourishment of the water. As a supplement, the hand shower has three functions, suitable for the bathing needs of the whole family. The lift rod and shower rod of the hand shower are integrated design, which is more concise and practical. The metal hose is tangle-proof, so it is safe to use even by children at home.
For people who often suffer from back and waist pain, it is recommended to choose a side spray shower, which can relieve pain through the massage of water flow. According to your own needs, plan in advance the number and location of the side sprinklers to be installed, and at the same time design a plan for waterway reconstruction. The side spray shower can also adjust different water outlet methods and directions. Be careful not to spray the shower on the opposite side when the valve is just opened, so as to avoid accidental injury due to unstable water pressure.
The small footprint of the shower column makes it ideal for creating a double bathroom. No need to pre-embed the pipeline, easy to install. The reliable hard water hose has a long life and the hose connects to the hand shower as a supplement to the shower. Water does not splash around and can be used with the shower tray.
The average family chooses this combination of hand shower, lift rod, hose and exposed wall-mounted shower faucet for the most economical and efficient combination, which can be used with shower enclosures or shower curtains. Pay attention to the installation height of the lifting rod. The height of the uppermost end is 10 cm higher than the height of the person. The length of the hose should also be determined according to the height of the person and the way of use. If you want to use the shower to wash the floor of the bathroom, you can choose a longer one appropriately. In general, 125 cm is enough. The hand shower is very safe to use, especially when the thermostatic faucet is not installed, it can prevent the stimulation of the sudden cold water or hot water when the water valve is just opened, and is suitable for the elderly and children. Using a hand shower, you can rinse a certain part of your body at close range, saving more water. If someone at home has limited mobility and needs a sitz bath, a hand shower can play its role even more.
The exaggerated overhead shower is like an outdoor shower and feels satisfying. The curved water pipes and the arc-shaped shower head add to the aesthetic effect. With shower head and tub faucet changer, the hand shower has an anti-limescale design. Gold-plated finishes are also available, allowing it to match a variety of home styles.